The future is uncertain. Therefore having a forward looking plan is crucial. Werba Rubin Papier can help you gain a clear perspective on your options and put in place a flexible, far-reaching plan to account for most major contingencies.

We make a serious commitment of time and resources to each client and pride ourselves on providing a truly exceptional level of value and service.

Because we are experienced CFP’s, CPA’s, and tax professionals, we understand the importance of ensuring that your taxes and your investments work in tandem. This synchronization is a significant, but frequently overlooked, component of maximizing your financial success. and can potentially mean the difference between millions of dollars going to loved ones and designated charities, or to the government.

Our process involves five major steps: hover over each step for a detailed overview.

Discovery Meeting

When is the last time you were asked you about your values? We are not qualified to help prospective clients until we discover what is most important to you, who is most important to you, and where they need to be in order to feel successful. Our objective is to find out if we are the right firm for you, and if not, refer you to someone who may be a better fit.

Investment Plan Meeting

The main reason why our clients seek us out is to develop a plan that addresses all of their needs. At this second meeting we show prospective clients a plan that works for where they want to go, and that can change as their life changes.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

We always begin by answering client's questions. Once we have satisfied our client’s concerns we put the plan we developed with the client in place.

45 Day Follow-Up Meeting

Opening up new accounts causes a deluge of paperwork to descend. Thus, our objective is to answer all of our client’s questions, and then help them organize their paperwork in a binder that we provide.

Regular Progress Meetings

As our client's personal CFO, it is crucial that we know when changes occur in their lives that may shift the focus of their values. These meetings also help us track the success that our clients are making towards their goals. Most importantly as our client’s goals change our wealth management plan changes with it.
Investment advisory services provided by Werba Rubin Papier Wealth Management, LLC ("Werba Rubin Papier").