Plan Participant

Powered by Us, Managed by You

By partnering with Werba Rubin Papier, your employer has provided you with a
401(k) offering that allows you complete access to:

Professionally Managed Portfolios

Our professional advisors decide how to combine the funds in your plan to create managed portfolios that serve a broad range of investors. With portfolio objectives ranging from aggressive to conservative, you can select a strategy that corresponds to your financial goals, risk preferences and time horizon.

Institutional Investments

Our portfolio strategies are constructed using the institutional, asset class mutual funds of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). We believe DFA investment options are well-positioned to offer broad diversification, low fees and a long-term investment approach that is consistent with retirement plan investing.

A Focus on Clients

Werba Rubin Papier is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that services your plan and develops and manages the portfolio strategies offered in your program. While brokers and fund company representatives are product-focused and compensated for the funds they recommend, our focus is on our clients. We don’t sell products, and we don’t receive compensation from any third-party.

Instant Reporting

Smartplan gives you on-demand, secure access to your account information and the ability to manage your account and make changes to your investment selection at any time. Just use the link below to access your online account.

Investment advisory services provided by Werba Rubin Papier Wealth Management, LLC ("Werba Rubin Papier").