Plan Sponsor

Your employee 401(k) plan is now hassle free

As independent, professional advisors, Werba Rubin Papier directs the investment of retirement assets and frees plan sponsors from the headaches of building and monitoring their own portfolios. We also know that being a business leader comes with liability, and that’s why we provide essential fiduciary protection to our plan sponsors. In addition, we believe in the value of true partnership and work closely with our plan administrators to answers all their questions, from payroll to distributions.

Below are some of the key benefits Werba Rubin Papier offers your plan and its participants:

Professionally Managed Portfolios

Today’s 401(k) plan has moved beyond the traditional approach of providing an overwhelming array of investment options and then leaving portfolio construction up to each participant. Werba Rubin Papier has been involved with client education for more than 30 years, and we believe that your plan participants want assistance with their investment allocations.

Our portfolio strategies cross the risk spectrum from conservative to aggressive. All your participants need to do is select the portfolio that best reflects their risk preferences and our professional managers can help them from there. We’ll manage the portfolios and handle rebalancing and fund replacement (if needed) automatically for all your participants.

Access to Institutional Mutual Funds

Werba Rubin Papier uses the institutional, asset-class mutual funds of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) to build portfolio strategies for your plan participants. Unlike typical retail mutual funds, DFA’s funds are engineered to capture the returns of a specific asset class. In addition, DFA’s investment management fees are positioned below those of more typical active managers, and their disciplined buy-and-hold approach is price-conscious by design to help minimize costs.

DFA is one of 15 largest U.S. mutual fund companies, managing more than $195 billion for institutional and individual investors. Some of the world’s largest corporations use DFA funds in the management of their retirement plans. So why isn’t DFA a household name? DFA doesn’t advertise or make its funds available through retail channels. In fact, only large institutional investors and select independent advisors have access to DFA funds. As an approved advisor, Werba Rubin Papier has access to bring these funds to you and your plan participants.

The Fiduciary Difference

Plan sponsors have reason to be concerned about the liability inherent in offering a 401(k) plan in today’s litigious climate. There is also increased awareness of personal liability among the individuals responsible for those plans. Plan fiduciaries count on Werba Rubin Papier to focus on what is best for the plan and its participants. We specialize in reducing fiduciary liability for plan sponsors by using an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary for plan investments that are invested in a risk-based model portfolio.

Working with Werba Rubin offers a high level of fiduciary liability protection to plan sponsors. Because we’re an independent, fee-only advisor, we don’t receive any compensation from the investment vehicles that we choose for your plan. This objectivity is crucial to our role as fiduciary to your plan. While it’s important to note that this doesn’t relieve the plan sponsor of all responsibility, it does make Werba Rubin Papier accountable for your plan’s investment selection and monitoring into a risk-based model portfolio. In addition, our prudent investment process is based on the highest fiduciary standards.

Transparency of Fees

Do you know the true cost of your 401(k) plan? With Werba Rubin Papier, you can be confident in knowing all of the fees and expenses associated with your plan.

Due to the questionable practices of the retirement plan industry (e.g., revenue-sharing, sub-transfer agency fees, etc.), many plan sponsors don’t have confidence or clarity about the total expenses associated with their plans. At Werba Rubin Papier, we believe plan sponsors have a right and a responsibility to understand those fees and expenses and to know that they are reasonable.

Werba Rubin Papier is a fee-only advisor and, as such, we do not participate in any type of revenue-sharing. Our compensation comes only from our clients. In addition, we offer an easy to understand accounting of the fees and expenses associated with your plan, which helps you fulfill your responsibilities to your plan participants.

Investment advisory services provided by Werba Rubin Papier Wealth Management, LLC ("Werba Rubin Papier").